We Offer Several Programs And Visit Options
To Fit Everyone's Needs

1. Basic Chemical Lawn Care Program

A yearly chemical lawn care program consists of fertilization and weed control for your lawn. Most lawns require six visits per year. Fertilizer applications are tailored to provide proper nutrition for your lawn. Pre and post emergent herbicides are used at key times to prevent and control seasonal weeds in Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, St. Augustine and Fescue lawns. You can also add fertilization and weed control for flower and shrub beds to this program.

2. Deluxe Chemical Lawn Care Program

Insect Control - when necessary.

Fungus Control - spot treating as necessary, usually as a result of weather conditions or watering & drainage problems. Fungus is most effectively controlled by reducing the amount of time plant foliage remains moist. Fungus spores usually require 14 – 16 hours of moisture to manifest a disease problem that will become destructive.

Soil sample and application of lime as needed for proper Ph balance.

Over seeding of cool season lawns in fall to improve overall appearance.

Core aeration - reduces compaction of soil and enhances the penetration of water and fertilizers to encourage good deep root growth. Warm season grasses will be aerated in the spring and cool season grasses in the fall.

Dethatching - cutting back of dead surface material that prevents moisture and nutrients from reaching lawn root system. This creates the opportunity for new growth.

3. Basic Lawn Care Program

A monthly program that consists of mowing only. Lawn areas will be mowed routinely throughout the growing season usually 30 visits per year. Cutting height will be adjusted according to the type of grass. When grass clippings are heavy we mow again and/or air sweep to assure a well manicured appearance at all times allowing lawn to receive nutritional benefits from clippings.

4. Deluxe Lawn Care Program

Includes Basic Lawn Care Program

Edging - Turf adjoining walks, paved drives, shrub beds and trees will be kept neatly trimmed as needed for attractive appearance.

Cleaning - Air sweep hard surfaces as needed. Pick up branches, pine cones, sweet gum balls, and acorns as needed. Leaf and pine needle clean up when needed. Leaves will be mulched whenever possible and reused in natural areas when beneficial. The Deluxe Maintenance Lawn Care Program may include roof top and gutter cleaning as needed. Severe storm damage will usually incur an additional charge.

Non-lawn Weed Control - Year round weed control in shrub bed areas and hard surface areas with pre and post emergence herbicide.

5. Deluxe Shrub and Flower Care Program

Structural Pruning

Regular Pruning

Ground Cover Pruning

Ornamental & Border Grass Pruning

Treating Insect Problems

Grooming of Flower Beds

Spring flowering shrubs will be pruned after they bloom while summer flowering shrubs will be pruned during the growing season. Whenever possible, thinning will be done instead of shearing to encourage natural growth and to reduce pruning requirements. Major pruning of ground covers, ornamental grasses, crepe myrtles and other shrubs will be done during the dormant season, with some grooming during the growing season. Also, formal gardens may incur an additional charge. An inventory will be taken of shrubs, flowers, and trees to determine average monthly fee.

6. The Best Buy Program

This Program includes all three Deluxe programs: Chemical, Lawn Maintenance & Shrub and Flower Care. "This Program saves you the most money!"

Visit Option Breakdown

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